Benefits of a Cool Roof for Sacramento Residents

Benefits of a Cool Roof for Sacramento Residents

A cool roof is specifically designed to reflect more sunlight than traditional rooftops. It can be a great energy saver and will certainly add to the comfort of your home. By offering temperature stability, a cool roof reduces overall energy usage, which in turn, offers you an eco-friendly way of maintaining comfortable temperature inside your home.

Homes in warmer climates like Sacramento benefit most from this innovation since cool roofs provide protection from solar heat gain. Just think about how we dress in the winter vs. the summer. We prefer lighter colors in the warm weather and tend to wear darker colors in the winter months. In the summer, we choose those lighter colors due to their reflective properties against the heat.

Cool roofs operate in much the same way. A typical cool roof is composed of special reflective pigments that reflect the sunlight. CertainTeed offers residential cool roof products such as Landmark Solaris® and Presidential Solaris® that achieve EnergyStar® levels of solar reflectivity even with rich, dark colors.

In the Sacramento area, we definitely see our share of very warm summer days. Because our homes see warm, sunny days throughout much of the spring and fall, and all of the summer months, a cool roof could benefit you and your family. Here are some of the top benefits of a cool roof:

  1. Improves indoor comfort. A cool roof offers temperature stability across your entire residential structure, including your garage, covered patio, or a bonus room where you may not normally heat or cool that space.
  2. Reduces energy bills. A cool roof will not absorb as much heat as a traditional roof, requiring much less energy to keep your home cool. This can be a significant savings, especially if your HVAC is not the most efficient or is getting on in years.
  3. Avoids high demand during peak energy rates. Since your cool roof is reflecting the sun’s heat, you are using less energy to air condition your home. Using less energy during peak rates will lower your overall bill even more dramatically.
  4. Ecologically conscious. If you are like many who see eco-conscious improvements to your home, a cool roof is an excellent way to improve efficiency. With a third of all carbon emissions originating from the use of electricity, your cool roof will boost our collective efforts to reduce electrical demands and offer long term benefits to the environment.
  5. Longer Roof Life Span. When a traditional roof absorbs heat, over time it will stress the materials and shorten the roof’s lifespan. In general, the life expectancy of the roof is proportional to the quality of materials it is built with. A cool roof takes that concept to the next level.

Cool Roof Installation

Harlan Roofing provides Cool Roofing services and Energy Star rated cool roof products eligible for federal tax credits. Call us today to learn more!

Why It’s Important to Hire a Local Roofing Contractor in Sacramento

Why It’s Important to Hire a Local Roofing Contractor in Sacramento

Your house is an important investment, and your roof is a vital component of that investment. Whether you need a full roof replacement or simply some repairs to problem areas of your roof, hiring a quality local roofing contractor is very important.

The Importance of Hiring a Quality Local Roofing Company

Working with a quality local roofing contractor is the first and most important step in making sure your roofing project begins correctly. A good local roofer will know all the required installation codes to follow, any paperwork that is required, and will carefully guide the project through to a successful installation in compliance with state requirements. While codes and compliance may not be high on your priority list today, it will be when your sell your home!

Another important reason to source your roofing needs from a local company is availability should any problems arise in the years following your roof repair or installation. There are many contractors who come into an area from out of state, undercut the local roofing companies, and put up signs advertising the work being done in your neighborhood, attracting your attention as well as your neighbors. The work is done quickly and poorly, with no warranty on their workmanship. Once the workers leave, that out-of-town company is no longer accessible by phone. That is why local and      established roofing companies far outweigh the potential cost savings!

What to Look for in a Local Roofing Contractor

Here are the important questions to ask before you invest tens of thousands of dollars in your roof.

  • Is the roofing company licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • How long has the roofing contractor been in business?
  • Does the roofing contractor offer warranties on their workmanship?
  • Is the contractor certified by roofing manufacturers?
  • Can you easily reach the roofing company by phone?
  • Does the roofing contractor have local working address vs. a P.O. box or out-of-state address?
  • Is the owner of the roofing company available to answer your questions or concern?
  • Does the roofing contractor have positive reviews? And more than just a handful?

In general, if a roofing company has been in business for many years, has a lot of solid reviews, stands behind their workmanship, and is certified by roofing manufacturers for the installation of the roofing shingles you have chosen, then you will benefit from a long-lasting roof for your home that will look and perform for many years to come.

Are you Ready to Hire a Local Roofing Contractor?

At Harlan Quality Roofing, we have been providing excellent roofing products and the best roofing services to greater Sacramento since 2005. Check out what our happy customers are saying about our professional approach to the installation or repair of your roof.      Call us today for a free estimate and consultation.

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Tips for Hiring the Best Roof Repair Company in Sacramento

Tips for Hiring the Best Roof Repair Company in Sacramento

Your roof is the most important aspect of your home. Not only does it keep you and your belongings sheltered from the elements, but it also protects the rest of the structure as well. When there is a problem with your roof that is not addressed right away, it could cause damage to other parts of your home and potentially danger to you and your family.

Let’s Uncover some Tips for Finding the Best Roofing Repairs in Sacramento

Start with Friends and Family

If any of your local friends or family members have had a successful roofing project completed recently, ask them about their experience. If any of them had a roofing project that they were happy about, then ask them to share the roofing contractor details.

If your family is out of state and your friends have not engaged with a roofer recently, then broaden your search using the internet. Google local search will help you not only find qualified roofing companies in your area but will also share reviews with you so you can find a roofer that has a great reputation in your area.

Connect with Previous Clients

Once you have identified a couple outstanding roofing candidates that you would like to work with, check out their websites, read testimonials, and search the company online to find all of their reviews, how long they have been in business, and what their primary services are. The worst mistake you can make is to hire a company that has great reviews but not for the products and services that you are intending to purchase.

Check BBB Ratings

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to research a company’s credibility. The BBB has a record of all the complaints that are filed against a service provider. You can learn a lot about a company’s reputation using the BBB website.

Licensed and Insured

Always check that your chosen roofing company is properly licensed and insured. Having proper insurance is important so that you know if there are any damages or injuries during your roofing project, your roofing contractor is able to cover the costs and liability. Most reputable roofing companies will post their license on their website or will share that information with you upon request. Do your due diligence and check before you commit.

Only the Best

At Harlan Roofing, we believe that the best roofing projects begin with the best materials. They are completed using the most highly trained installers and they are complemented by dedicated staff that make sure your questions and concerns are promptly handled.

For a great customer experience from a licensed and insured Sacramento roofing company, contact Harlan Roofing. See our reviews and testimonials of what our clients are saying about their roof repairs and new roof projects!

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Advantages of Hiring a Local Roofer in Roseville

Advantages of Hiring a Local Roofer in Roseville

Advantages of Hiring a Local Roofer in Roseville


Larger nationwide roofing companies throughout the country have so many projects that they can become impersonal. When you choose a local roofing company, they invest more into their customers, their employees, and community because they are members as well.  Hiring a local roofing company in Roseville benefits you, the homeowner, the community, and the local roofing company.


Reasons to Choose a Local Roofing Company:


  1. Licensing and Reviews: Obtaining a contractor’s license, insurance information and references is much easier when you hire a local contractor. A local roofer should be able to provide these things to you quickly.

References are important to any local contracting business, so they go the extra mile to make sure customers are satisfied. They should be more than willing to provide a list of references on past work. You might even be able to visit area homes that the roofer has worked on, allowing you to inspect their work.

A local roofer with lots of experience has a business based mostly on referrals and repeat customers who trust them with their roofs. Their reputation is established in the community.  Local roofing companies like Harlan Quality Roofing take great pride in maintaining a stellar reputation. You can even meet them in person because their offices are located within driving distance from you. Solid reviews from local homeowners can help confirm your decision about which company to select.


  1. Knowledge of Local Building Codes and Permits: States and local municipalities have published regulations prescribing procedures and construction details for structures. These building codes vary by city, county, and state. By hiring a local Roseville roofing company, your chances of running into any issues with non-compliance with local building codes is minimal.

Since the roofer you hire is responsible for signing all the permits, it is their responsibility to make sure your roof is up to the current code. A local roofer in your vicinity will understand the details and regulations of the city and state where the work is to be performed.  A local roofer is familiar with all the building requirements needed to finish the job.


  1. More Responsive and Accessible: A local roofer will have an office and phone number where customers can visit or call. If there is a problem with the work they’ve done, it’s easy to get in touch with them to remedy the situation.

Hiring a company that does not have a local office or representative can result in a longer response time. They know you won’t likely drive for hours if you’re unhappy with their response or service.

Dealing with unexpected roof issues like storm damage or leaks can be overwhelming for homeowners. It’s important to get immediate help. Local contractors are more accessible and available if there is an emergency. They can respond quickly to roofing emergencies.

Out of state companies may not even offer emergency service. Even if they do, they will take longer to dispatch because they may not have a crew in your area.


Harlan is Your Local Roseville Roofing Company


For over 15 years, Harlan Quality Roofing has been providing superior service, products, and workmanship to the greater Sacramento community. Our entire team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer experience.


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How to Choose a Quality Roofer in Sacramento

How to Choose a Quality Roofer in Sacramento

How to Choose a Quality Roofer in Sacramento


Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, or just an estimate and consultation, how do you find the right roofer?

Maybe you know someone who recently had some roofing work done, but they simply chose the cheapest bid. Is this the best choice? You may not know until it’s too late!

Finding out that the roofer you used didn’t provide the best service or use quality products, may lead to leaks and property damage, resulting in  frustration. So much is at stake when it comes to your roof, so let’s explore some ideal ways in choosing the right roofing contractor.


How to Find a QUALITY Roofer


You simply only need to view their company profile, reviews, and background to find a firm that has been in business, that has been established for a long time and well-known in the neighborhood.


  1. How long has the company been operating?

Before moving forward with any roofing contractor, check to see how long they have been in business. As with any trade, the more experience they have, the more likely they are to deliver quality service.


  1. Are they reputable?

Searching for ‘best roofer in Sacramento’ may bring up a huge list of roofers claiming to be ‘best’. A quality roofer will have a good reputation, excellent reviews, testimonials, and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Look for a roofing company that is praised for quality roofing services, high-grade materials, with excellent product and service warrantees.


  1. Are they licensed and insured?

Don’t assume because a roofing company can be found online and has a website that they are properly licensed and insured. Most quality roofing companies will proudly list their license number on their website. Feel free to call and ask about what insurance they carry. When engaging in a large project with a roofing company, you want to be confident that they are licensed for the services they are offering and have adequate insurance in case anything unexpected comes up.


  1. What services do they offer?

Most roofers offer installation, repair, assessment, and maintenance. However, some companies specialize in residential vs. commercial roofing. Smaller firms may undertake repairs and maintenance, but not a complete installation. Be sure that the roofing contractor you choose has a solid reputation in the area for the service you are interested in.


  1. What guarantees/warrantees do they offer?

When investigating roofing contractors, find out specifically what warrantees or guarantees they offer on both the roofing materials as well as the services they provide. Your guarantee or warrantee should be provided in writing.


  1. What are customers saying?

Reading reviews and testimonials can be a good way of weeding out the bad from the good. A roofing company with many happy customers is likely to make you a happy, satisfied customer as well.


Harlan Quality Roofing has been serving the greater Sacramento area since 2005. We choose to work with quality roofing products. Read our reviews and see what our customers have to say about our work. We are proud of the many beautiful roofs that we have installed over the years. Let us make your home beautiful too!


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Questions to Ask Your Roofer | Harlan Quality Roofing

Questions to Ask Your Roofer | Harlan Quality Roofing

Not all roofing companies are equal. But how do you choose a quality roofing company? How do you know that your roofer is experienced and knowledgeable with your type of roof system and can properly handle fireplaces, saddles, skylights or HVAC units on the roof? Having an understanding of what is involved in a quality roofing job and what signs indicate a job well done versus poorly installed work, will help you feel confident with your choice of roofing company and the roof system you are getting.

Let’s Start with What is the Legal Business Name

When you ask any company what their legal business name is, you should expect a definitive and straightforward answer. Anything but a quick and honest answer could be a signal that this is not a reputable business that you should be spending thousands of dollars with. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to make a quick check. You will get a business rating and other valuable information to set your mind at ease about your roofing company.

Ask for an In-home Estimate

Most roofing companies offer estimates. Those that email you an estimate without inspecting the home, checking for any damage in and around your current roof, are doing you a great disservice. You may be fortunate and there are not any signs of dry rot, and you just need a new roof. You may get a lower price and find that the roofer wants to charge you more now that the hidden damage is exposed. A quality roofer will do a thorough job investigating the state of your roof, flashing, ventilation, and other important structural components. If you get a low bid from a roofer that has not done a visual inspection, or a satellite or drone estimate, beware. They cannot detect many surprises or account for specific needs. Satellite estimates have a margin or error of about 5-6%, which can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in change orders. We provide on-site measurements and elevations to provide an accurate estimate up front and with minimum surprises.

Ask About Their License & Insurance

Roofing businesses are required to be licensed in the state of California. Your roofing company should proudly display their license on their website and/or in their correspondence. They must also carry a liability policy and workers compensation which typically covers bodily injury, property damage, product defects, etc. If a roofing company carries inadequate insurance, or worse, carries no insurance at all, the costs could fall to you.

Supervised Roof Installation

Ask about how your roofing project will be supervised. There are many details involved in a roofing project, decisions to be made, timing and orchestration of the overall project. Ask about how those details are handled and what you can expect once you agree to proceed.

Workmanship Warranty

Most roofing materials come with manufacturer warranties, 10 years, 20 years, etc. depending on the grade of materials chosen. But what kind of workmanship warranty does the roofing company offer? Roof warranties are important to protect the investment in your roof, but it is important to understand the roofing materials warranty and the workmanship warranty offered by the roofing company. The California CSLB only requires that a 4 year Workmanship warranty be provided by contractors on products installed such as a new roof. Here at Harlan , we provide a 10-year workmanship with an option for extended workmanship.

At Harlan Quality Roofing, you will never have to worry about low-quality roofing. We have been serving the greater Sacramento community for over 15 years, we have an A+ BBB rating, and excellent reviews from our many satisfied homeowners. Trust the quality, experience, workmanship, and stability of Harlan Quality Roofing.


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