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Not all roofing companies are equal. But how do you choose a quality roofing company? How do you know that your roofer is experienced and knowledgeable with your type of roof system and can properly handle fireplaces, saddles, skylights or HVAC units on the roof? Having an understanding of what is involved in a quality roofing job and what signs indicate a job well done versus poorly installed work, will help you feel confident with your choice of roofing company and the roof system you are getting.

Let’s Start with What is the Legal Business Name

When you ask any company what their legal business name is, you should expect a definitive and straightforward answer. Anything but a quick and honest answer could be a signal that this is not a reputable business that you should be spending thousands of dollars with. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to make a quick check. You will get a business rating and other valuable information to set your mind at ease about your roofing company.

Ask for an In-home Estimate

Most roofing companies offer estimates. Those that email you an estimate without inspecting the home, checking for any damage in and around your current roof, are doing you a great disservice. You may be fortunate and there are not any signs of dry rot, and you just need a new roof. You may get a lower price and find that the roofer wants to charge you more now that the hidden damage is exposed. A quality roofer will do a thorough job investigating the state of your roof, flashing, ventilation, and other important structural components. If you get a low bid from a roofer that has not done a visual inspection, or a satellite or drone estimate, beware. They cannot detect many surprises or account for specific needs. Satellite estimates have a margin or error of about 5-6%, which can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in change orders. We provide on-site measurements and elevations to provide an accurate estimate up front and with minimum surprises.

Ask About Their License & Insurance

Roofing businesses are required to be licensed in the state of California. Your roofing company should proudly display their license on their website and/or in their correspondence. They must also carry a liability policy and workers compensation which typically covers bodily injury, property damage, product defects, etc. If a roofing company carries inadequate insurance, or worse, carries no insurance at all, the costs could fall to you.

Supervised Roof Installation

Ask about how your roofing project will be supervised. There are many details involved in a roofing project, decisions to be made, timing and orchestration of the overall project. Ask about how those details are handled and what you can expect once you agree to proceed.

Workmanship Warranty

Most roofing materials come with manufacturer warranties, 10 years, 20 years, etc. depending on the grade of materials chosen. But what kind of workmanship warranty does the roofing company offer? Roof warranties are important to protect the investment in your roof, but it is important to understand the roofing materials warranty and the workmanship warranty offered by the roofing company. The California CSLB only requires that a 4 year Workmanship warranty be provided by contractors on products installed such as a new roof. Here at Harlan , we provide a 10-year workmanship with an option for extended workmanship.

At Harlan Quality Roofing, you will never have to worry about low-quality roofing. We have been serving the greater Sacramento community for over 15 years, we have an A+ BBB rating, and excellent reviews from our many satisfied homeowners. Trust the quality, experience, workmanship, and stability of Harlan Quality Roofing.


Harlan Quality Roofing

For Quality and Service… You’re in the Right Neighborhood!


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