Malarkey Roofing Products

Malarkey Roofing, an incredible partner for Harlan Quality Roofing’s residential roofing products.

We have chosen to increase our partnership based on the exceptional products and performance of the Malarkey brand. They manufacture and deliver the most innovative roofing products for a variety of residential applications and are the only manufacturer we partner with that provides the All-Weather performance NEX Polymer Modified asphalt shingles and the 3M Smog-Reducing granules in their shingle lines in addition to upcycling tires and plastics to help reduce landfill waste to provide a cleaner, stronger and more sustainable technology to enhance every Malarkey shingle.

Laminated Architectural Shingles

Malarkey’s Laminated architectural shingles offer a unique dimensional appearance to your roof. They offer 4 distinct lines:

  • Legacy® Shingle Line – featuring durable NEX® asphalt
  • Ecoasis™ NEX® Shingle Line- featuring solar reflective granules integrated into your standard shingle colors built with sustainable NEX® asphalt and Smog Reducing Technology.
  • Vista® Shingle Line – featuring durable NEX® asphalt
  • Highlander® NEX® Shingle Line – featuring sustainable NEX® asphalt and Smog Reducing Technology

Designer Shingles

Windsor® designer shingles from Malarkey are an elegant, heavyweight shingle that offer superior performance and a distinctive look. The unique open-tab design gives your roof a beautiful appearance. You can count on the durable NEX® asphalt construction to offer excellent impact resistance and protection from algae staining.

Malarkey Roofing Products

Malarkey Roofing Products offers a line of shingles designed with sustainability in mind. From beginning to end Malarkey shingles are created for quality, reliability and performance Malarkey stands behind their roofing products and provides extended warranties available through certified residential contractors such as Harlan Quality Roofing.

We look forward to helping you with your roofing project and are happing to offer more choices in roofing products to complement your home.


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