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Harlan Roofing provides comprehensive roof repair services to homeowners in Davis and surrounding areas. With years of experience and expertise, we are skilled at identifying and fixing all types of roofing issues. Here’s what you should know about what we provide for repairs in the City of Davis:

When you choose Harlan Roofing, you’re hiring a team of seasoned and highly trained professionals who prioritize the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their clients.
Here are some reasons Davis homeowners trust Harlan Quality Roofing:

Roof Repair Services in Davis

Our Davis roofers offer roof repairs for asphalt shingles, wood shakes and shingles and tile roofing systems. We can fix roof leaks, replace damaged shingles, repair flashings, improve ventilation, and strengthen areas prone to storm damage.

Roof Ventilation Solutions

 Proper roof ventilation improves air flow which keeps your roof cooler and helps prevent issues like ice dams. We install new ventilation systems and make sure your existing vents are not obstructed or damaged. This improves airflow and extends the life of your roof.

Shingle Repair and Replacement

 We replace cracked, broken, and missing asphalt shingles to prevent leaks and other damage. For wood shake and shingle roofs, we can replace individual shingles or install new flashing around damaged areas.

Flashing Replacement and Repair

 Flashings provide critical waterproofing around joints, valleys, vents, and chimneys. We locate and fix damaged metal flashings to stop leaks in their tracks.

Leak Detection and Repair

 Finding the source of a roof leak can be challenging but our Davis roofing technicians have the necessary experience and tools like moisture meters, thermal imaging, and water spray testing. We fix the precise location of the leak, so repair work is surgical and cost-effective.

Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

 Storms can catastrophically damage roofs with high winds and large hail. We perform thorough storm damage evaluations and make all necessary repairs to restore your roof’s integrity, whether that involves shingle replacement, structural reinforcements, flashing repairs, or debris cleanup.

Why Harlan Roofing?

When you choose Harlan Roofing, you get the expertise of true roofing specialists. We have the knowledge, tools, and processes to correctly diagnose and fix your roofing issues.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing: We provide written estimates detailing the necessary repairs, so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise. Our pricing is designed to be affordable while still delivering quality workmanship and materials.

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials: Our roof repairs are built to last, which is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to workmanship and materials. We use quality shingles and flashing that match your existing roof to keep it looking beautiful and consistent.

Fast and Reliable Service: Harlan Roofing respects your time which is why we make every effort to complete roof repairs efficiently without sacrificing proper results. We focus on providing reliable turnaround times that fit your schedule.

Contact Harlan Roofing for Roof Repair in Davis: For honest and professional roof installation and repairs in Davis performed by highly qualified roofing technicians, contact Harlan Roofing for a free consultation and quote today.


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