How to Choose a Quality Roofer in Sacramento

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How to Choose a Quality Roofer in Sacramento


Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, or just an estimate and consultation, how do you find the right roofer?

Maybe you know someone who recently had some roofing work done, but they simply chose the cheapest bid. Is this the best choice? You may not know until it’s too late!

Finding out that the roofer you used didn’t provide the best service or use quality products, may lead to leaks and property damage, resulting in  frustration. So much is at stake when it comes to your roof, so let’s explore some ideal ways in choosing the right roofing contractor.


How to Find a QUALITY Roofer


You simply only need to view their company profile, reviews, and background to find a firm that has been in business, that has been established for a long time and well-known in the neighborhood.


  1. How long has the company been operating?

Before moving forward with any roofing contractor, check to see how long they have been in business. As with any trade, the more experience they have, the more likely they are to deliver quality service.


  1. Are they reputable?

Searching for ‘best roofer in Sacramento’ may bring up a huge list of roofers claiming to be ‘best’. A quality roofer will have a good reputation, excellent reviews, testimonials, and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Look for a roofing company that is praised for quality roofing services, high-grade materials, with excellent product and service warrantees.


  1. Are they licensed and insured?

Don’t assume because a roofing company can be found online and has a website that they are properly licensed and insured. Most quality roofing companies will proudly list their license number on their website. Feel free to call and ask about what insurance they carry. When engaging in a large project with a roofing company, you want to be confident that they are licensed for the services they are offering and have adequate insurance in case anything unexpected comes up.


  1. What services do they offer?

Most roofers offer installation, repair, assessment, and maintenance. However, some companies specialize in residential vs. commercial roofing. Smaller firms may undertake repairs and maintenance, but not a complete installation. Be sure that the roofing contractor you choose has a solid reputation in the area for the service you are interested in.


  1. What guarantees/warrantees do they offer?

When investigating roofing contractors, find out specifically what warrantees or guarantees they offer on both the roofing materials as well as the services they provide. Your guarantee or warrantee should be provided in writing.


  1. What are customers saying?

Reading reviews and testimonials can be a good way of weeding out the bad from the good. A roofing company with many happy customers is likely to make you a happy, satisfied customer as well.


Harlan Quality Roofing has been serving the greater Sacramento area since 2005. We choose to work with quality roofing products. Read our reviews and see what our customers have to say about our work. We are proud of the many beautiful roofs that we have installed over the years. Let us make your home beautiful too!


Harlan Quality Roofing

For Quality and Service… You’re in the Right Neighborhood!


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