Malarkey Roofing – Welcome to Our Team

Malarkey Roofing – Welcome to Our Team

We are proud to welcome Malarkey Roofing as a key partner to our residential roofing product selection. They manufacture and deliver some of the most innovative roofing technology and products available for a variety of residential applications, are Family built just like us, and have a reputation for top notch quality and performance so important our team here at Harlan Quality Roofing.

They offer a number of roofing product lines including innovative NEX® Polymer Modified asphalt technology and Smog Reducing shingle Tech. We carry the following lines:

  • Laminated Architectural Shingles
    • Ecoasis™ NEX® Shingle Line- featuring solar reflective granules integrated into your standard shingle colors built with sustainable NEX® asphalt and Smog Reducing Technology
    • Vista® Shingle Line – featuring durable NEX® asphalt and optional security against algae staining
    • Highlander® NEX® Shingle Line and Smog Reducing Tech
    • Windsor® Designer Shingles with durable NEX® asphalt
    • Legacy® Shingle Line – featuring durable NEX® asphalt

Here at Harlan Quality Roofing we look forward to helping you with your roofing project. In welcoming Malarkey Roofing products to our line up, we now offer even more choices in high quality roofing products to complement your home.


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