When I bought my house last year, it was on the contingency that I would do the roofing repairs myself. Little did I know, the roof was going to need a lot of work. Every time it rained, water would come through the chimney.

To make matters worst, getting correct estimates was a nightmare. People didn’t show. Unprofessional. And just not financially practical.

That all changed when I got into contact with James Harlan. He was very detailed in his findings (which I appreciate) and he let me know what my options were. Even better, there was no pressure to buy with him, he was ready to move forward when I was ready.

I just got my roof done, and it looks BEAUTIFUL. They were able to replace the dry-rot. Install beautiful vents, caps, and everything else in between. Not only is my NEW roof insanely beautiful, it’s also Energy Star rated. So bring on the hot summer!

Thanks James to you, and your crew. You made this experience how it should be: correct.