This company is amazing with its honesty, quality work, friendliness and professionalism. This is the way a business should be run.

I received quotes from two other companies – one quoted an expensive repair that turned out to be unnecessary, and the other company quoted an insanely ridiculous amount and then essentially stalked me to sign the agreement. It blew my mind how quotes can vary by thousands of dollars for essentially the same work.
Harlan quoted me a very reasonable price for what needed to be done now to fix the issue. They offered a second quote for some maintenance work and cleaning that they said could be done in the future and is not a pressing concern. The other companies didn’t even bother to send separate quotes, quoting expensive repairs that weren’t even necessary at the time, and just didn’t provide the overall friendly service that Harlan provided.
I accepted Harlan Roofing and they came out and fixed the roof in a timely manner. A week later the roof guy, Cody, who is both very amiable and professional, mentioned he wanted to replace some broken tiles at no extra cost to me. This is a company that really cares about their customers.
Lastly, I mailed a check to Harlan to cover the repair and my check was stolen somehow in the mail and was forged for a larger amount of money. The check cleared the bank. I had to go through the trouble of closing my account, dealing with loss prevention, and opening a new account while waiting for my money to be transferred. I mentioned this to Harlan and they said they understand and to not worry and take my time and even offered to come pick the check up from my house when I finally get my new checks in the mail! It was very nice of them to offer that to me although I did not want them to go through the trouble since they weren’t at fault with what happened. Waiting for me to pay while I was dealing with loss prevention was great enough.
I highly recommend Harlan. I can’t emphasize this enough. Know that you will be in good hands with a company that cares.