I’m thankful my HOA picked Harlan Quality Roofing to redo our aging roofs. I had mine done in September. Due to my schedule, the City inspector came today 10/25 to sign-off on the permit.

I don’t know if all roofing companies do this, but I was relieved that Harlan QR took care of other problems too. They fixed the dry rot on my roof. And there was a lot of it on my 40 year old condo. I don’t know when it was last done. Then they added new gutters and downspouts that I desperately needed. Rain was gushing over the main gutter I had. Last but not least I got gutter screens on the two new gutters closest to my fir tree that sheds pine needles like crazy. I was glad to get all these jobs done by the same company. I didn’t have to find other companies to do the work. Time is valuable to me. I feel I got great value for my money. And the staff is all great-from the crew to Brittney in the office to Frank who oversees the work. Very professional and courteous. I appreciated that Frank came out to help me decide where my new gutters and downspouts should go. He had good suggestions. And he left me a sample of the gutter screens so I could see the mesh is very tight. I had a bad experience in another house because the mesh was open and let in a lot of leaves and debris. So far so good between the new gutters/downspouts and gutter screens after the recent downpour we had last Sunday! One last thing! I appreciated that Frank didn’t try to sell me on more gutter screens than I wanted or thought I needed.