So, far I’m just writing up a review on James’ of Harlan Quality Roofing RFQ consultation about my roofing issues. I had a major leak in May 2015 and to say the least the company that did the water remediation and roofing repairs turned out to be a one star outfit. I will never use ServPro again though that’s the company my insurance agent pointed me to and the repairs are still under warranty. I had one other company come out to inspect the problem area, which by the way is still leaking, just not enough to come through the ceiling like last time. The gentleman seemed knowledgeable and found the major leak issue and gave me an estimate. However, he only looked at the one spot. James, however, assessed the one trouble spot and then did a whole roof inspection, found several other issues that needed addressing, such as cracked tiles, plugged up valleys, etc. He even knew the brand name and color of the tiles on my roof, which are 18 years old and no longer in production. He said he can find them in ‘boneyards’ for building materials and it shouldn’t be a problem to replace the broken tiles. He did all of this for free, gave me a bid of $300 below the first bidder, and was very polite and thorough. I would recommend giving him a call for your roofing service needs By the way, he got the job…  I will update later as work starts and finishes. UPDATE: 12/28/2016 Jerry and two other workmen came out and did a complete roof tune up. Not only fixing the leak issue by replacing correct roof jacks, etc. They also found 4 cracked tiles which someone had tried to repair improperly with what looked like an epoxy of some sort. Those titles were replaced. All moss stripped and gutters and valleys cleaned. Sliding tiles were reset and all for $854. This is a company you cannot afford not to use. The workmanship and speed at which they did it was unbelievable. They were here and done in three hours where most other companies probably would have sent one or two guys and they would have been here all day. I definitely recommend them and will be using them on my 91 yr. old mother’s roof shortly.