I met with James Harlan pre-COVID to discuss options for replacing my roof. James arrived with samples, straight-forward pricing, and an explanation of the process. With the uncertainty of COVID, I had to push off the roof replacement for a couple of years, and while James would occasionally check in from time to time, he was never pushy or aggressive, and I really take to that kind of professionalism. We did get additional bids, and Harlan’s bid wasn’t the highest or the lowest — right in the middle. Even with the rising costs of materials, he was able to keep it as close as possible our original estimate. After signing a contract to replace our roof in April 2022, Harlan Roofing did exactly what they said they’d do. Their workers arrived on time, worked hard, and cleaned up after themselves every day. The entire process took about 3 days from start to finish, including addressing lots of dry rot, which we expected. Their office staff was communicative and pleasant. I also work for a property management company, and I deal with vendors every single day. Harlan Roofing is exactly the type of vendor I love to work with in my profession, and I can’t recommend them enough to any client in need of a roof replacement.