This was my first experience with replacing a roof and it was a learning experience. I interviewed 7 roofing companies before hiring Harlan Quality Roofing for the project. I have heard that you should get at least 3 estimates for projects like these but I’m glad I got 7 proposals because it allowed me to learn of the wide range of products and options on the market. There was about a $10,000 difference between the low and high end of proposals I received from the 7 different companies. There were a few reasons I chose Harlan. First, Kaleb from Harlan Roofing was friendly and very easy to work with. He answered all my questions and concerns. I felt comfortable with a few of the reps I interviewed but not all were as thorough as Kaleb in questioning my intentions for the home and budget limits. Not all reps went up on the roof to measure and inspect. An example of honesty is that Kaleb explained about the chimney saddle on my roof which I had no idea what it was. He explained it was a custom job and replacing it would really be downgrading. The saddle was in good condition so no reason to replace it saving a bit of money. No one else mentioned the saddle. Also, I noticed the majority of the reps provided proposals that only gave one manufacturer, no options for you to pick and one price. Not Harlan. Kaleb provided a more detailed proposal that listed a manufacturer’s standard roofing costs and options, and the more expensive tiles and options so you can see all pricings. He made recommendations on the tile manufacturer although Harlan sells and installs tiles from the same manufacturers that the other companies offer. They, like the others have their preference. A couple reps tried to upsell me on decking and other things that were not necessary and the explanation for why it was better made no sense to me. That was confirmed as I spoke to Kaleb and other reps comparing their answers and doing my research online. There was never any pressure from Harlan and I took a few days to make my decision. I think that initial interaction is very important so that you feel comfortable that you made a good choice. I can tell you not all reps were so gracious. I did have to wait a few weeks for the work to begin but that seemed common among all the companies I spoke with. Plus, we had a few rain days that pushed it out. Once I got the call with the start date, it took 3 days for the work to complete. The first crew came in and ripped off the old roofing material, threw everything into a dumpster, and cleaned up. A bit of advice though, have them tarp off everything in the garage if you have an open ceiling and have skip board decking. I failed to do that and had some cleanup afterwards in the garage. But the crew threw tarp down all around the home and places I asked to be covered. As soon as the removal was done, the next crew and materials arrived. Everyone I spoke to in the process, on the job, and at the office was friendly and answered my questions. The crews arrived early, got to work promptly and put in a full day. And at the end of each day, cleaned up afterwards. Of course, the real test is the next good rainstorm but I’m confident that Harlan’s employees did a good job. In the end, it was a good experience, the new roof looks great and I would recommend Harlan to anyone.