Sacramento Residents Can Benefit from a Cool Roof

Cool roof

Sacramento Residents Can Benefit from a Cool Roof


A cool roof can be a wonderful addition to the comfort of your home and help reduce the cost of running it. A cool roof offers temperature stability, thus reducing energy usage, which in turn, offers you an eco-friendly way of maintaining comfortable temperature inside your home.

Since cool roofs provide protection from solar heat gain, homes in warmer climates benefit most from this innovation. As we all know from how we dress in the winter vs. the summer, lighter colors are much preferred in the warm weather due to their reflective properties against the heat.

Cool Roofs operate in much the same way. A typical Cool Roof is composed of special reflective pigments that reflect the sunlight. CertainTeed offers residential cool roof products such as Landmark Solaris® and Presidential Solaris® that achieve EnergyStar® levels of solar reflectivity even with rich, dark colors.

If you live in the Sacramento area, where your home sees warm, sunny days throughout much of the spring and fall, and all summer, then a cool roof could benefit you and your family:

  1. Reduced energy bills. A cool roof will not absorb as much heat as a traditional roof, requiring much less energy to keep your home cool. Depending on the efficiency of your air conditioning, this can be a significant savings.
  2. Avoiding peak demand energy rates. While your cool roof is reflecting the sun’s heat, you are using less energy to air condition your home. Using less energy during peak rates will lower your overall bill even more dramatically.
  3. Improved indoor comfort. A cool roof offers temperature stability in your entire structure, including your garage, a covered patio, or a bonus room where you may not normally heat or cool that space.
  4. Ecologically conscious. For many, it is simply an eco-conscious decision to find ways to improve efficiency. With a third of all carbon emissions originating from the use of electricity, our collective efforts to reduce our demands will benefit the environment.
  5. Longer Roof Life Span. When a traditional roof absorbs heat, it can stress the materials and shorten the roof’s lifespan. In general, the life expectancy of the roof is proportional to the quality of materials it is built with. A cool roof takes that concept to the next level.


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