Moisture Protection for Your Roof

Roof Moisture Protection

Your roof protects your home and possessions from the elements. Strong and durable, a well-built roof with the proper rain protection will last for decades. Whether the rare snowflake or the seasonal rains that will arrive in October, quality roofing contractors in Sacramento recommend taking care of rain protection before the seasons change.

First and foremost, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clog-free. Removing leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris facilitates expedient drainage. This is vital for keeping water from seeping up under shingles and ensuring the downspouts don’t drain into your foundation.

Moss is another element you will want to look for on your roof. As part of a roof maintenance agreement, Harlan roofing, your Sacramento roofing contractor, can remove these and apply herbicides to destroy moss growth. Moss gathers moisture, which can cause roof damage and discolor shingles, so it is vital to remove it as soon as possible.

We also recommend inspecting your attic for signs of water infiltration. Searching for stains on the walls, mold/mildew growth, and signs of pooling water can show you the location of leaks. Once identified, Harlan Roofing, your preferred roofing contractor in Sacramento, would recommend repairs to the affected area so that it doesn’t cause further damage to the roof. Similarly, make sure the attic is well-ventilated. Poor attic ventilation in can trap moisture in the attic, which can lead to shingle blistering.

Finally, if you are replacing your roof, consider adding a roofing underlayment. These are water-resistant/waterproof blends that incorporate polyester, asphalt, and natural fibers that repel moisture away from the underlying roofing structures. We offer many Synthetic Underlayment options and specifications for manufacturer recommended synthetic options such as CertainTeed Diamond Deck, GAF Tiger Paw, and Owens corning ProArmor, which are required if a homeowner wants to take advantage of the Manufacturer Extended Warranties as well as Reinforced UDLs, Bigfoot HD Synthetic Underlayments and a number of additional options.

Harlan Quality Roofing is ready to help you protect your home from rain and water damage. We encourage you to contact us for more information about the steps we take to ensure your roof provides reliable, year-round protection.


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