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Selecting a roofer in Sacramento is likely the biggest decision you’ll face for your roofing project. One effective method to see whether a roofer suits your requirements is by asking for their references.

In this blog post, our team at Harlan Roofing outlines several key questions to ask references about their experience with the roofer you’re considering hiring.

1. Overall Experience

Ask references about their overall satisfaction with the roofing contractor’s performance. Ask about their experience from the initial inspection through the sales process, the project completion, and any other important aspects. Once you know their initial impressions, you can go into more specific details.

2. Property Protection

Make sure to ask the references whether the roofing contractor took the necessary measures to protect their property during the project. A good roofer would have used tarps to shield landscaping, a porch, a pool, and other belongings near the property. Additionally, ask if there was any damage and how the contractor addressed those situations.

3. Clean-Up

Ensuring that the roofer thoroughly cleans up after the project is crucial in the roof replacement process. Ask the references whether any nails, roofing debris, or trash were left behind once the project was finished.

4. Warranty Availability

Regardless of whether it’s a roof replacement or repair, roofers should guarantee their workmanship. Make sure you inquire with the references about how long of a workmanship warranty they received and whether they have it in writing. A good roofing contractor will offer a warranty of 10 or more years.

5. Project Completion Duration

After you sign a contract, your roof replacement or other roofing project will be scheduled, and you’ll get an estimated completion timeframe. When speaking with the references, ask them if the roofing contractor followed this schedule. If there were any delays, be sure to ask them whether they knew about the delay and the reasons behind it.

6. Pricing Consistency

Ask the references if the price stated in the original quote remained consistent with the final invoice. It’s important to acknowledge that certain factors, such as replacing rotten decking or uncovering an extra layer, may lead to price adjustments. In these scenarios, a price change doesn’t necessarily mean the roofer is being dishonest. What truly matters is whether the roofer openly communicated the price change during the project, not after receiving the bill.

7. Current Roof State

The most important thing to ask the references is the current condition of their roof. Ask if they encountered any leaks, particularly during the first rainfall or right after installation. You should also ask about their satisfaction with the roof’s appearance and functionality.

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