How to Know When it is Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof

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Roof replacement is a major expense and one best done with a bit of planning. Whether you are inside warm and cozy on a winter day or chillin’ in the air conditioning on a toasty summer evening, we rarely think about the roof over our head.

There are times when a roof replacement is obvious (leaking badly) and other times when it is nearing end-of-life but with stealth. Here are a few signs to look for and a strong encouragement not to make that call on your own, but rather have a roof inspection done by an honest roofing company.

The Age of the Roof

If your roof is over 20 years old, it is time to give it a regular checkup. As the roof ages it weakens due to wind, rain, sun, and debris which cause the material to degrade. Do a little background check to find out when your roof last saw a professional. If you cannot determine this and your home is over 20 years old, give us a call. It may be time to start that planning process.

Shingle Damage

If you can see visible damage in your shingles, don’t procrastinate. This can be the first signs that your roof needs some quick attention. You may see cracked, chipped, or curled shingles. The curling can often be a sign of water damage; water damage to your roof that has not made it to the inside of your house…yet. Once shingles start to curl, they need to be individually replaced at a minimum, or possibly an entire roof replacement is imminent.

Cracked shingles may be the result of storm damage. High winds and pounding rain can take a toll on a less than new roof. In many cases, this can just be a few shingles that need replacing, but if the problem is extensive and your roof is getting on in age, a replacement might be more cost effective in the long run.

Shingle Granules in Your Gutters

The granules in your shingles are part of its composition which help to block the roof’s surface from sun damage. If you find these granules are falling off and collecting in your gutters, this can signal a major problem in the making. If your roof is new, it may just be excess that has fallen off during installation. If your roof is older, it may mean the surface is deteriorating and it is time to plan for that new roof.

The Leaky Roof

If your roof is leaking, it is time to take action. A leaking roof can affect the ceilings, walls, floors, and everything in between. The worst part about a leaky roof is the mold and mildew that can grow in the moist areas, leading to health and safety issues in your home. If your roof is already leaking, give Harlan Quality Roofing a call for a free inspection and honest advice.


Harlan Quality Roofing

For Quality and Service… You’re in the Right Neighborhood!


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