How Do Roof Inspections Save You Money?

Roof inspection

Your roof is designed to last for many years, depending upon the quality of materials used, the workmanship, and the care and maintenance it receives. However, it is valuable to schedule regular inspections to ensure your roof is healthy, in good working order, and any that minor issues are addressed early before they become a costly repair.

Wear & Tear

While roofing systems do last for many years, wear and tear over time can take a toll on its health and integrity. Each day when the hot Sacramento sun beats down on your roof, drying out the oils, which causes thermal cracking and deteriorates the material under the exposure of the UV rays. In the summer, the heat accelerates this process. We see these effects regularly as our outdoor patio furniture looks a little older, a little faded, a bit more brittle each season. Rapid UV Deterioration (RUD) is common in the Sacramento Valley and especially the older your roof becomes.

The Main Culprits

The major factors that influence the wear and tear on your roof and ultimately its lifespan is largely Mother Nature’s doing:

  1. Sunlight – As mentioned, exposure to sunlight and UV rays causes the roof to age. Exposure to solar heat and light is unavoidable and some roofs have more exposure than others. The latest technology in roofing materials (cool roofs and roofs with reflective properties) has greatly improved the resistance to premature aging from sunlight. West and south facing roofs tend to age faster as they are exposed to more sunlight due to their orientation.
  2. Rain – We all know that heavy rainfall can cause major erosion in soil and even stone. It also causes erosion of your roofing surface. Quality asphalt shingles are manufactured with this in mind to minimize degranulation. However, over time the roofing does wear down with exposure.
  3. Wind – High winds are one of the most common causes of roofing wear and leaks. Winds can lift the edges of your shingles, ridge trip or flashing and expose underlying layers to water damage. If the winter season has shared an unusual amount of rain and high winds, a roof inspection is a good choice.
  4. Trees – The shade offered by the trees in your yard is a relief on those hot California summer days. The trees can shade your house and roof, keeping both a little cooler than if in direct sunlight. However, those same trees can damage your roof, cause degranulation, and debris can damage the valleys and other flashings. Keeping them trimmed back can save you from tree related damage over time.

Get a Check-Up

Your roof is a significant investment and an important protection for you and the contents of your home. You wouldn’t go for years without having your car checked and maintained. Do the same for your roof. It could save you a lot of money in unexpected repairs or premature aging and replacement.

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