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Your roof is the first line of defense for your home. It protects your property from damage such as high winds, rain, and even local wildlife like squirrels and birds. In addition to the usual weather factors, your roof also protects your home from the sun. Just like any other environmental damage, the sun also causes potential to damage your roof. In the greater Sacramento area, with its high temps and sunny days, chances are your roof may take on even more damage than usual.

Is Sun Damage Actually Harmful?

The sun is a powerful force of nature that offers a wide range of benefits but can also be harmful. Overexposure to the sun can cause the materials in your roof to break down and eventually fall apart, making it one of the top causes of roof damage in Sacramento! This will leave your roof and home open to the elements and can even allow wildlife to take up residence in parts of your home.

UV damage caused by the sun can change the chemical makeup of the materials used on your roof. As a result, the roof may start to deteriorate earlier than expected which can cause a loss in overall property value. Sun damage can also cause your roof to experience thermal shock which is when the material expands during high heat and quickly shrinks once cooled. This can shorten the lifespan and effectiveness of your roof. A poorly functioning roof will not only leave your home open to the elements but can also drive up the cost of heating and cooling your home.

The residential roofing experts at Harlan Quality Roofing have put together a list of common signs that indicate your roof is suffering from sun damage.

Signs Your Roof Has Sun Damage

  1. Ultraviolet Exposure Causing Color Change

One of the biggest signs that the sun has damaged your roof is when the color of the surface has changed to a lighter color. The UV light from the sun can effectively bleach the color of any surfaces overly exposed. If you noticed that your shingles have become much lighter than their initial color, sun damage is probably to blame.

  1. Peeling and Cracking on Roof Surface

If you notice peeling and cracking on your roof surface, it is most likely that the sun has caused coating damage to the top layer. This can lead to leaks in your roof that can have a negative effect on your insulation and even your foundation. If you notice leaks, strange mold, increased energy bills, or even a new vermin infestation, sun damage to your roof may be to blame.

  1. Curling Shingles

Like anything exposed to the elements, your roof will break down over time. If parts of your roof or even bits of shingles start crumbling, it’s a sign that sun damage has weakened the overall composition of your roof. Warped shingles are another sign of a damaged roof. This can be due to water damage, or sun damage. When shingles have curled edges, it is a sign that the damage has been caused by too much sun exposure.

Protecting Your Roof from the Sun

While there is no way to eliminate sun damage to your roof, there are some things you can do to reduce its effects. To start, it is a good idea to use high-quality roofing materials that have specialized UV protection. Lighter-colored roofing materials are better equipped to repel sun damage. Also, those that have reflective granules can also help deflect sun rays.

Give Your Roof the Attention it Deserves

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