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While a roof does last for a long time, no roof will last forever, regardless of how well it is cared for. Over time, the wind, rain, sun, and other elements will wear away at your home’s primary protection, causing brittle, broken, and damaged shingles.

Periodic roof inspections are a great way to find any issues with your roof before they become disasters. You can take some time to walk around your home and inspect the roof from the ground. It is good practice to invite a professional to inspect your roof as they will be more thorough and know just what to look for.

When you see any parts of your roof that look broken, buckled, curling, or worse, it is time to call a professional roofing company that can repair it before more damage occurs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common fixes that roofing companies can do during roof repairs.

Replace Missing or Broken Shingles

Stormy weather can be harsh and damaging to your roof. During strong winds, shingles may get blown off or snap in half if they are getting brittle. Branches and other debris from trees can land on the roof causing just enough damage to be of concern. Those missing or broken shingles leave your roof vulnerable, especially when the next winter storm hits.

When that happens, it is not necessary to replace your roof, just the missing or broken shingles. You might ask, “Can the roofer match the shingles exactly, so you don’t have some weird looking patch on your roof?”, especially if it is visible from the road. Quality roofing contractors typically work with several roofing manufacturers and have a complete suite of roofing shingle grades and colors at their disposal. They can usually find similar or even identical shingles, especially with respect to shape and color.

While it is important to note, new shingles will not always match exactly at repaired areas in color and texture due to sun exposure and weathering of the existing shingles, they will do their best to make sure you cannot tell that a shingle or group of shingles has been replaced. Your roof will look refreshed and restored.

Repair Curled or Chipped Shingles

When shingles get older, their corners tend to curl. Sometimes those corners will break off, especially during a heavy rainstorm or under impact of a tree branch. If ignored, these damaged shingles can lead to leaks. Curled shingle may, over time, loosen and fall off. It is best not to wait for that to happen. A professional contractor can identify those shingles that are damaged and let you know if the situation is pervasive enough that a replacement is a better choice.

Holes in Your Roof

This sounds scary but even the best roofs are subject to damage and may end up with a hole or holes visible when the sun is shining again. Roofs are very durable and should be able to withstand impressive amounts of assault. However, mother nature can be cruel, and your roof sits on top of your house to take the first line of defense. A hole can typically be easily fixed by replacing the shingles, but it is best to have a professional look at the damage and make an assessment. Sometimes, the hole can reach the roof’s felt underlayment, in which case more extensive repair is needed.

Damaged Flashing

Seasonal temperature fluctuations common in the Sacramento area can cause roof flashing to warp. Flashing can also bend as the home settles, and it can rust with age. Old flashing experiencing any of these issues is likely to fail the materials it is designed to protect. Another great reason to have regular inspections by a professional roofing contractor.

In Summary

While your roof is not always in the forefront of your thoughts, it is constantly working to protect you, your family, and the contents of your home. In severe weather, it is working extra hard at that protection. To that end, it is important to understand that your roof is vulnerable to sun, wind, and rain damage, especially during our California winter season. If you believe your roof has sustained damage, it is important that you call a local roofing contractor and get scheduled for a roofing repair as soon as possible. Remember, if a storm has given your roof a beating, it is likely that others have had the same. Reach out for an estimate before water damage makes the repairs even more costly.

To find out more about our roofing services, or to set up a consultation, contact us today.

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